About us

Casta Films is a film production company from Romania.
The film industry in its various forms and declinations is not only an art but a true form of extremely important cultural and informal manifestation.

The film inspires  and modifies, seduces or makes us think, simultaneously being one of the industries that have a real influence to the world.

Therefore Casta Films aims to produce good and consistent movies in Romania and abroad beginning with our latest feature film – Echoes (production).

We believe less in bombastic trends and more in the narrative, scenario, rich films and aesthetic standards of the industry; we also believe in the need of solidarities, communities of ideas and perspectives for the connection between filmmakers and filmlovers.
We're all about making movies

Check out our latest feature film – Echoes

A movie about hope and distress, about the role of the artist and about madness. The architecture of emotions affects us all, we feel down after great life challenges, we inspire from everyday things and we try to prevail.